Afromanding is a Kora and drum based African dance music that was made very popular in the good old days of Gambian music by bands and artists like Lalo kebba drammeh, Ifang Bondi, Sungulou Sisoho etc... But the Gambian music downturn of the 80s  left this genre of Gambian music almost dead with none or just a few new records entering the mainstream year after year. But great artist like Jaliba kuyateh, Jali Yankuba Saho  and other bands remained defiant to the extent of even biting their Kora strings to keep it alive and consistently kept a steady flow of new material into the mainstream in the early 90s. These bands made most of their money from live performances mainly at ceremonies and festival doing praise singing rather than record sales.

This entertainment show that airs on Tuesday 3pm to 5pm and on Fridays from 7pm to 9pm, showcases Afromanding music. A genre of Gambian music  played mainly by Mandingka Artist who are mostly “Griots”. This style of music of African origin is also played by other artist in the sub region in countries like Mali, Guinea and Senegal. (History:The griot delivers history as a poet, praise singer, and wandering musicians).

 Presented by Sulayman Conteh who digs out great records from years back and today to entertain Afromanding followers and also take them through a journey into the history of this style of music and with the new wave of refreshing young talents setting the scene alight constantly, the Afromanding re-insurgence continues to get stronger and stronger, and is now at it’s finest in modern times.

 This show also features an entertaining inter-clan Mandinka jokes to spice up the program.



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