The Gambian Zone extr special on Capital FM is a reviving show mainly to promote the culture and tradition of Gambian music, the show takes different peaks on each segment, not only allowing this generation`s music but that of Gambian old school and band playing. The work of producers and promoters in the music industry is showcased as there are one on one interviews with them regarding their careers presented to you by PAPA JAMZ every Thursday from 3:30pm GMT to 5:00pm GMT


 A non-stop play of home made music on all genres, new releases, explosive combinationas and a run mix up of Gambians Rythms. presented to you by  BADY HAPPY FAYE  every Monday From 2 to 4pm GMT





A woman fits in every  perspective of music, be enchanted by the terrific Gam hit jams, updates on musical shows and the ones that make it to the top list arena every Thursday from 2-30pm with  our very own 'Numero Uno Selectress -Sista Njie

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The Sound of a New Generation: Capital FM is Gambia’s most powerful radio station with the widest coverage on the FM band broadcasting on a single frequency, 100.4 covering the whole of the country and beyond.

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